Stenciler Dee Tschida at work putting the quotes on the walls
The Wall of Words was borne out of Cynthia Mulit's desire to have inspirational quotes from inspirational leaders, surrounding the kids when they visit the center. She remembers fondly growing up with her mom's sewing room where inspirational articles were posted. She wanted to provide that same rich atmosphere on a larger scale for the kids in Oak Park, Sacramento.

So she scoured the Internet and books, received emails from all over from different people with their favorite quotes and carefully and lovingly selected approximately 40 quotes that would become the famous "Wall of Words." Many people have toured the center and have paused to read and reflect on various quotes. Many kids have already been inspired and helped from these inspirational walls.

Thanks to Cynthia and our generous sponsors,
those walls really do talk!

This to me means people have to earn what they want in life. The way you get what you want in life is going out to get it and not sitting around and waiting for it to come to you.

I feel bad when people talk about people because they have to live in the same neighborhood. Cause when they are talking about each other it feels me bad cause some things about me are true. When my brother talks about me he calls me white and so is he. Cause he was threatened by white people. So my brother threatens me. They always have to involve the colors that they were made of. I want them to stop and everybody to be nice to each other.

I like the phrase because it makes me think I can achieve anything

Don't plan to fail.

This is why I pick Will Smith. People make me mad it make me full Good about myself and I know God is with me and when people Call me name I just thank about His speech.


Westmont Construction--donated the use of the ladders and purchased specialized equipment necessary for putting the quotes on the stairwell walls as well as purchased special hangers for the pictures.

Joanne Lindemann-- donated her time to design and paint the hallways at the Sacramento PALS facility.

Dee Tschida--donated her incredible stenciling talents to putting the quotes up on the wall.

Signs Now--generously made and donated all the quotes needed for the walls.

Kleinfeld Interiors--donated her interior decorating time to assisting N2R in the PALs renovation.