FYBR / N2R Recognition Event

Mike Hale has volunteered for N2R as Network Administrator for the past several years. Kim Oliver, (left) talks with Teri Munger, Public Affairs Manager for Hewlett-Packard and son Kyle, seated. In the background, Miriam Houghton, Expressions, chats with Bob Houghton.
Bernard Percy, editor-in-chief Converge Magazine and Barb share a celebratory hug on a very special evening. Barb (left) chats with Sue Nelson and Shari Frasinetti, Westmont Construction. In the background, Karen Haden, Covansys, chats with Bernard Percy, Converge Magazine.
Miriam Houghton, Expressions and Bob Houghton talk with Kim Oliver, volunteer for the FYBR Telementoring Program. What a table! (From left) Sue Nelson, Kim Oliver, Shari Frasinetti, Bernard Percy and Bob Graves have a blast!
Bob Lucas, President of Lucas Advocates and President of the N2R Board accepts a well-deserved certificate of appreciation. In the background, Karen and Mike Haden. Mike Hale gets a celebratory hug and certificate of appreciation from N2R.
Miriam Houghton, Expressions, receives a certificate of appreciation for her work on grants and budgets for N2R. Sue Nelson, owner of Westmont Construction, receives well-deserved gratitude for her donation of office space and office equipment to N2R. Also pictured is Kim Oliver, FYBR volunteer and Shari Frasinetti, Office manager for Westmont along with Bob Graves, N2R Board and Bernard Percy, Converge Magazine.
Bob Lucas, President of Lucas Advocates and of the N2R Board addresses the VIP attendees. The debut of FYBR!
Karen Haden, Covansys, Rachel Tsai, Legislative Data Center, Ting Hsu, Covansys and Bob Lucas, N2R Board all enjoy the debut of FYBR! Bob Graves, Nicolle Goldman and Karen Haden having a good time.
Chelsea Englund, the videographer and dad Brian Englund, attorney from Hennelly & Grossfeld, represents N2R. Miriam Houghton, Expressions and Bob Houghton applaud the debut of FYBR. Go FYBR!
SWEET Success! (from left--the Covansys Team) Karen Haden,Covansys, Rachel Tsai (LDC), Ting Hsu, Covansys, Nicolle Goldman, Covansys and Mike Haden toast their well deserved success in making the FYBR dream a reality! The FYBR Cake...more sweet success!
Chelsea Odell, the N2R photographer brings out a smile. Cutting the victory cake...(from left) Ting Hsu, Bob Graves, Nicolle Goldman, Rachel Tsai and Karen Haden.
Karen dishes out the cake to everyone. Way to go, Karen.


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