For Inquiring Minds

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions that we receive about N2R and FYBR. If your question or your answer is not on this list, please email us and we'll happily add it.

What is N2R?

N2R is a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt non-profit California corporation.

N2R is dedicated to bridging the digital divide. It creates self-sustaining, win/win, interactive Internet solutions in which time and talent resources from one side of the divide, - the business community, public sector and individuals, - flow anywhere, anytime to the other side of the divide, - to youth, especially high-risk youth.

What is FYBR?

FYBR is short for "Follow the Yellow Brick Road--Job & Life Skills Telementoring Program."

FYBR is unique as it is the world's first interactive, world-wide-web-based automation of the processes associated with mentoring, including recruitment, application, orientation, training, screening, matching, telementor/mentee interaction, monitoring, closure, incentives and recognition.

In FYBR, working professionals telementor youth in job and life skills curricula.

FYBR will help improve workforce readiness skills and achieve more and better telementoring opportunities than is possible with in-person matches.

Can I Volunteer?


What Kinds of Volunteer Opportunities do you Have?

So many it is impossible to list. So, the best thing is to email me at about what you are interested in doing and I'll get back to you and see what can be worked out.

Do you Accept Donations?

Yes! We are a 501 (c) (3) organization so your donation is tax deductible. Also, we are a United Way Certified Organization. Our number is can designated N2R through your paycheck and via the United Way with #3133. Or you can send a check directly to the office at:

4731 El Camino Avenue
Carmichael, CA. 95608

Do you Have an Annual Report Available?

Yes. Absolutely.
If you email me at or call the office, I'm happy to get that to you.

Do you Have a Wish List?

Yes. See below:

  • Server (specifications available upon request)
  • Cash
  • Office Support (admin, public relations, marketing)(can be done remotely as well)
  • Help desk (people I can call to ask questions about software issues)
  • Technical Support
  • New Fax Machine
  • Fundraising Support
  • Marketing Company

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