N2R has been in existence since 1995, largely due to our steadfast, loyal and generous partners. We encourage you to frequent these companies as they have all demonstrated outstanding customer service, high integrity and an ongoing and generous commitment to the community as well as a global vision.

A foundation started by Gateway and AOL, launching from the Silicon Valley and receiving hundreds of applications daily from all over the country, PowerUP made N2R two site affiliates. As soon as the FYBR pilot is finished it will be distributed nationally in 284 PowerUP sites throughout the nation. PowerUp is about to expand this program to four international locations.

Generously donated 12 Pentium 3 computers to be used as a state of the art Internet lab for at-risk children to learn job and life skills through the FYBR telementoring program.

Continues to donate all the software needed for N2R and for the FYBR telementoring program. Has provided outstanding networking support to N2R as well.

RAM Computing
Generously provides equipment, support, technical assistance and necessary maintenance.

Donated ISDN connectivity to the Internet lab for the past two years.

Rulands Office Furniture
Donated tables and chairs

Hewlett Packard
Donated 6 printers and some furniture.

Mike Hale
Volunteer Network Administrator