FYBR Founding Organizations

    is a 501(c)(3) non-profit regional electronic network, specializing in telementoring and public Internet training. N2R designed the FYBR telementoring application, creates or approves the curriculum and manages the program.

  • eRepublic
    'adopted' N2R two years ago. eRepublic is a communications and publishing company whose mission is to foster improvements in the public sector through the strategic use of telecommunications and information technology. eRepublic publishes two monthly national magazines, Government Technology and Converge, provide research advisory services through the Center for Digital Government, and produce over 50 events per year across the country, all with the goal of forwarding this mission.

  • Covansys (formerly CBSI)
    provides a broad range of information technology services to large and mid-size organizations, from advising clients on strategic technology plans to developing and implementing custom-tailored solutions. Covansys provides all the programming and project management expertise for FYBR.

  • Westmont Construction
    this local general contractor generously provides N2R with donated office space and other office machinery. Without Westmont, N2R would not have a corporate office.

  • Gateway
    donated 15 Pentium 3 computers to N2R for use in our office and Internet lab, which will feature FYBR and PowerUP.

  • PowerUP
    a foundation started by Gateway and AOL, launching from the Silicon Valley asked N2R's FYBR to be two site affiliates. As soon as FYBR pilot is finished and tested it will be distributed in 284 PowerUP sites throughout the nation. PowerUp is about to expand this program to four international locations.

  • Cal Trans/California Institute of Smart Communities/World Institute for Smart Communities
    in San Diego supplied project development support.

  • The WEBCAT
    provides web design and user interface for both and web sites.

  • Sacramento Police Department
    Chief A. Venegas and other Sacramento Police Department officers will serve as FYBR pilot project on-line mentors, including members of the SWAT team and Family Youth Services investigators.

  • Microsoft
    provides the standard Microsoft Internet Solution components. The web server will run under NT 4.0 using IIS/ASP and Transaction Server. The database will be SQL Server 7.0 running on an NT 4.0 server. The n-tiered application will be developed using Visual Studio 6 Enterprise Edition; specifically Front End, Visual Basic and Interdev.

  • Ram Computing
    adopted the N2R Internet lab and provides network support.

  • CalWeb Internet Services Inc.
    provides the ISDN line for the N2R Internet lab.

  • Compaq
    provides a development server.

  • Studio Arno, Inc.
    provides hosting and ongoing technical support for the web site.

  • Mike Hale
    provides system administration for the N2R office and the N2R Internet lab.