Thanks to a referral by Senate Majority Leader Polanco's staff, N2R met Bob Graves, President of Government Technology in March and a whirlwind of activities ensued...


N2R and GT discovered a mutual interest in mentoring as Bob Graves is the Chairperson of the Technology Task Force for the state's mentor agency, California Mentor Initiative. Technology Task Force members currently include representatives from Fleishman-Hillard, Inc., Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq Computer Corporation, Cisco Systems, MCI Telecommunications Corporation, Earthlink Network, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Government Technology, CompUSA, Inc., and Oracle Corporation. Recently the task force members and CMI representatives successfully concluded the web site pilot testing and the Virtual Mentoring Network is ready to go fully online. Bob approached N2R very interested in N2R's potential as a community network to draw mentors to the California Mentoring Initiative web site. Then, in the first meeting he learned of the N2R/LEED-Sacramento (Linking Education and Economic Development), state wide telementoring project and realized N2R and GT were already tracking along the same lines! Bob's network of associates is national in scope and now N2R, Government Technology, LEED and other supporters are collaborating on a new WWW application that will link industry experts with students from middle school through junior college. Without leaving school or home, students are exposed to the workforce. Industry volunteerism in education is increased. Time, security and geography barriers to increasing mentors are overcome. The goal of "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" is to provide every student with desperately needed job and life skills necessary for competing in the local and global workforce in the 21st Century. This application addresses the national crisis in workforce readiness. More than 50 percent of US employers say they can not find qualified applications for entry-level positions. As a result, American businesses spend about $50 billion annually educating and retaining the workforce. Bob recommended and sponsored development of a demo/prototype. Thanks to the outstanding effort of Mark Hajewski, ARC Digital Design, it was completed in three weeks, in time to be debuted at Senator Polanco's S.B. 2038 press conference!


Senate Majority Leader Richard Polanco, Government Technology, International Center for Communication and N2R were featured at an exciting press conference on May 14, 1998 announcing Senate Bill 2038, Smart California Act. The press conference had a dual purpose, - the announcement of S.B. 2038 and the debut of the demo/prototype of World Wide Web application, "Follow the Yellow Brick Road Telementoring." To standing room only crowd of industry, government, and press, Senator Polanco spoke about S.B. 2038 as providing for new, interagency leadership in the area of telecommunications policy with specific focus on supporting and facilitating community efforts. The bill proposes that the State of California will provide leadership, guidance and funding of demonstration smart community projects throughout California. From community electronic networks' single local url, (e.g. www.n2r.net), smart communities facilitate access to numerous on-line resources and services, including education, training, health and social services, telemedicine, emergency response, and rapid electronic transmittal of business operating tools such as permit, license and registration documents. Smart communities also create useful, new on-line applications of community benefit e.g. "Follow the Yellow Brick Road Telementoring." In summary, S.B. 2038 uses Internet technology to strengthen the California economy. John Eger, President and CEO, World Foundation for Smart Communities spoke in support of S.B. 2038. He also provided a perspective of strong global interest in smart communities as experienced by his organization. N2R provided a interactive demo of "Follow The Yellow Brick Road Telementoring" using two computers projected on two screens. Using one computer, Adriana Molina from Howe Avenue Elementary played the role of a youth/lifelong learner. On the other computer, Senator Polanco played the role of a mentor. We alternated between two computers to give a sense of the process. The audience followed along viewing the application from several perspectives: youth/lifelong learner, mentor, teacher and site licensee. From the youth/lifelong learner vantage the audience viewed the login process, accessing assignments, uploading assignments, checking the mentor responses, and sending "free time" messages (unstructured messaging between mentor and mentee designed to build trust and provide support.) From the mentor vantage, the audience viewed an application component and mentor responses to the youth. From the teacher vantage, the audience viewed how the teacher can check on progress. From the site licensee, the audience learned that the vision is to include many organizations for many different mentoring opportunities, whether career exploration/skill development, academic, or life skills in nature. For those of you wishing to repeat this demo on your own, you may view the demo on http://www.n2r.net/ybr. For your convenience, at the end of this newsletter, we attached the script we used for the demo/prototype. You'll see that it is designed for two screens. When demonstrating the application from a single computer, we follow a user's vantage from their start to their finish.


To date, S.B. 2038 has been reviewed by two Senate Committees: Government Organization, and Energy, Utilities and Communications. Both committees passed the bill. And we just learned that Senate Budget Committee assigned $9 million to the bill! We are hoping that this exciting latest development will move the bill out of Senate Appropriations committee and on to the next phase... ETTORE's EUROPEAN BAKERY AND N2R COLLABORATE ON ANOTHER FIRST!...NEW MEANING TO "CUTTING" & "PASSING" LEGISLATION A few days before the press conference, N2R learned that one of the best bakeries in the region, (and one of our favorite haunts for a flourless chocolate cookie that could power a NASA satellite), Ettore's European Bakery, Sacramento, CA, recently invested in a digitizing system that can create full color images on any pre-iced, light colored surface. The image is digitized by scanner, displayed on a full-color monitor, where it can be adjusted and then reproduced on cakes. The system uses a Hewlett Packard ScanJet printer with high quality food color instead of ink in the cartridges. Sooo...we ran right over and the wonderful manager agreed... no better use of new technology than scanning Smart California Act onto a cake. Now the legislation runs several pages, so N2R "cut" the legislation to fit the cake. We presented the cake to Senator Polanco at the press conference and all in the audience enthusiastically participated in the passing of the Smart California Act!


N2R had a strong presence at the GTC conference this year, one of Sacramento's largest conferences, attended by 20,000 plus. Thanks to the incredible support of GTC, N2R was showcased at the conference in three locations: as the gateway to the Virtual Community which features state of the art demonstrations of an interconnected world; in the Government Solutions Center; and as presenters with Brenda Gray, LEED-Sacramento, in a seminar on the "Relationship between Economic Development and Technology." GTC showcases 300 technology vendors from all over the country, providing information about the newest technologies and other technical information. The GTC's mission is to continue its role providing a "richly diverse context of intergovernmental and private/public discourse and training." The event features free admission to the exposition floor, free admission to three keynote presentations and forty eight fee-based seminars.


Visitors at N2R's booths were rewarded with a special See's sweet treat. As you can imagine, our booths were very busy!


On May 13th, The Honorable George W. Nicholson, Associate Justice, California Court of Appeal, Third District , was awarded the first GT Leadership Award dedicated to honoring "exceptional men and women in public service who hold an acute sense of personal involvement in leadership of society, possess superlative talent and statesmanship and are a driving force behind great societal change. " In addition to outstanding contributions and professional successes within his legal career, Justice Nicholson has worked "extensively on literacy programs, drafting bills and planning literacy programs for out-of-custody probationers and in-custody individuals. And he has worked for decades to define and enforce the rights of crime victims. He was the principle author of the Victims' Bill of Rights adopted by voters in 1982." Justice Nicholson spoke to several hundred who rose to their feet immediately upon his conclusion. No wonder. It was the best speech about community leadership that we've ever heard.


Thank you to those of you who sent letters of support for S.B. 2038: Goodwill Industries, Goodwill Labor Power, Inc., Funders Exchange, Family Services Agency, Sacramento Works Career Center, Fulton-El Camino Recreation & Park District, California State University Sacramento Library and GLA International. We had no idea the importance of letters of support. We've learned that, by far, the most important thing to do in supporting an area of interest is to send a letter representing the view of an organization. It's amazing how much weight letters carry in all branches of California government.


As S.B. 2038 moves through the committees, N2R has had the privilege of being invited to testify as a witness for 'smart communities.' We used this opportunity to refer to the work of our founding funder, National Telecommunications & Information Administration and it's Telecommunications Assistance program. We believe the federal model is valuable for California as our state recognizes the importance of telecommunications policy. So much of what we've learned came as a result of studying the NTIA's TIIAP guidelines and following the activities of that agency. We are excited to see comments about the work of NTIA referred to in California legislative analysis. We have also pointed to the activities of the State of Indiana which received a well-deserved award last fall by Government Technology Magazine as the number one state web site. The State of Indiana has a comprehensive, cost-effective approach toward government distribution of information and services, http://www.state.in.us and to assisting local communities, http://www.indico.net.


We have been developing a relationship with Brad Bradley, General Network Manager, Access Indiana Information Network, and look forward to his trip to California early this summer. Brad has graciously offered to make presentations to the legislature, industry and other interested parties on Indiana's innovative approach. If you are interested in attending Brad's presentation, call the N2R office or email info@n2r.net.


Senator Peace requested S.B. 2038 be heard in Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee. So, Carolyn Scott-Lewis testified on behalf of Family Service Agency of Greater Sacramento about the agency's experiences as an N2R public access site. Carolyn recalled one gentleman who had been unemployed for four years. Their client went through "the N2R program" (a coach/mentor facilitating Internet access and training in one-on-one sessions) and found out about a job opportunity via the Internet. He applied and got the job with Hewlett Packard. Carolyn's heartfelt testimony was appreciated by all that attended the hearing! Thank you, Carolyn!


N2R has a 10 PC Internet lab available for public and private training classes. It has been a long time in coming but...as they say, anything worth having is worth waiting for...thanks to the following companies for their generous contributions/partnering: Anixter (networking), MCI (computers), Cal Web (ISDN), Rulands Used Office Furniture (facilitator for furniture donations), Hewlett Packard (tables), and Foundation Health Systems, Inc. (chairs). Call for details!
CM and BE



Screen 1.
1a. Site Licensee: No links. Verbal description of how groups of organizations would be able to apply to use the site for a variety of mentoring purposes, i.e academic, career, or personal life skills.

Screen 2.
2 a. Mentor: - ALL PARTICIPANTS APPLY. Click: Mentor; Register; Submit Application. (hold on Login page)

Screen 1
1 b. Youth/Lifelong Learner. ACCESSING & SUBMITTING ASSIGNMENTS. Click: Youth; Login; linked Write A Letter; (reads assignment); Paste Text; Send to Mentor; Back to Assignments.

Screen 2:
2 b Mentor. SENDING YOUTH A REVIEW OF YOUTH's HOMEWORK. Click: Login; Student Response; Back Up; Student Comments; Back Up; Your Response; Paste Text; Send it to Student; Back to Assignments.

Screen 1:
1.c. Youth/Lifelong Learners. REVIEWS MENTOR RESPONSE. Click: under Mentor Response is in "Yes"; (review); Send Mentor Thank You; Send It; Back To Assignments;

Screen 1:
1.d. Youth/Lifelong Learner: RELATIONSHIP BUILDING - YOUTH SENDS MESSAGE UNRELATED TO ASSIGNMENTS. Click: Free Time; Here to send. (Pauses)

Screen 2:
2c. Mentor. REVIEWING YOUTH FREE TIME MESSAGE. Click Free Time, linked Adults Are Driving Me Crazy; Paste message; Send It; Log Off.

Screen 1:
1e. Youth/Lifelong Learner. REVIEWING MENTOR RESPONSE TO YOUTH FREE TIME MESSAGE. Click: under Mentor Response Is Sent, "Yes"; Send Thank You, Send It; Log off.

Screen 1.
1f. Teacher: CHECKS PROGRESS. Login; Check Progress; Back Up; linked All Done For the Day.